Sundial design - the work of Piers Nicholson

The Sustrans sundial at Lincoln


In 1997, Sustrans built the first section of the Witham cycle path, which will eventually extend to Boston in eastern Lincolnshire. It was built largely with volunteer labour, and Sustrans asked whether any of the volunteers had any special skills to contribute. Piers Nicholson suggested a horizontal sundial might be constructed, and Sustrans found the funds to commission it. The site is beside the River Witham a few hundred metres east of the road bridge over the Witham below the cathedral.

The gnomon is inscribed "This sundial was designed by Piers Nicholson for the opening of the Witham cycle trail on 4th July 1997 - with the support of the Washingborough Parish Council, the Lincoln City Council, and the North Kesteven District Council

The pictures below show the stages of construction.

Breaking ground on the site                   Digging the foundations of the gnomon

The site waterlogged after days of rain                Volunteers digging out the foundations for the dial ring

Aligning the gnomon along the meridian (it took hours!)

Template for checking the angle of the gnomon (below)